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I welcome any form of question you may have and am more than   happy to offer a helping hand in anything from finding a specific garment you'd love to own, to how you should wear those daring shoes you just splurged on, to style tips and tricks of the trade. If you'd like to email me directly, please submit all informal questions in the adjacent form ->


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An extention of the GypsanFox style blog. A creative escape and photo diary, marking the beginning of a new journey into the world of fashion and portrait photography. 


Softer ft. Amber Wilkins

Everyone knows what happens when two objects of equal (& fabulous) force collide. My lovely friend Amber and I came together like the dream team we always are to bring you this soft yet edgy set. The 70's era Miami vibes are REAL! 


Street Wise ft Amber Wilkins

This is the second set I shot of Amber, and boy is she a pleasure to shoot. This set radiates "Hip Hop" culture and Amber does it so well! This was also my first set delving into in-depth editing and I am so pleased with the results! 


Yours to Keep ft. Amanda Teague

This shoot was my very first! And I was very lucky to have my beautiful friend Amanda as a muse. She is as effortless as effortless comes, and I couldn't have been blessed by a better gal to pop my camera's cherry! Haha!