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I welcome any form of question you may have and am more than   happy to offer a helping hand in anything from finding a specific garment you'd love to own, to how you should wear those daring shoes you just splurged on, to style tips and tricks of the trade. If you'd like to email me directly, please submit all informal questions in the adjacent form ->


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And so it begins..

sarah benesh

Hey everyone! I'm back and more inspired than ever. So here's the story, I started this blog to showcase my styling and blog some of my favorite outfits. While I still love beautifully styled outfits, it began to become stale. I lost inspiration and the clothes alone just weren't enough anymore.  I lost my motivation to post and felt as if the passion I had fizzled into non-existance. I knew I needed to find my fire again and luckily, lightning struck. I first saw moving stills, otherwise known as cinemagraphs or "flixels" way back when on a season of ANTM. I thought they were so awe-inspiring! I completely forgot about them until I recently stumbled upon this beautiful australian babe by the name of Elle Leckenby. HER WORK IS LIKE NO OTHER. I was completely taken aback. & I knew I had found my next creative adventure.

With that said, I present to you my very first cinemagraphs! While they are not perfect, and there is SO much room for improvement, I couldn't be more excited that I've finally taken off running.  

Dress from: WantMylook

I do hope you all enjoy my first attempt at this new craft, and stay tuned for everything I have yet to create !